I just updated to 4.1 and Apple’s 3.02. I no longer see the ATV Files menu. Is that gone or am I forgetting where to enable this?

In which order did you do it?

Sounds like you did 4.1 upgrade first, and then 3.0.2. It should be the other way around, 3.0.2 first and then 4.1, since AppleTV upgrade 3.0.2 will remove all your aTV flash menus…

If you have aTV Flash installed ATVFiles can be installed through the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu.

Thanks! Just overlooked it in the Manage Plugins part. Doh!

I want to use the ATV Files plugin to run media from iMac using NFS or AFP but I don’t know how. Is there anyway I can conduct the process to get Mac serving files via NFS then configuring ATV Files to look at the NFS share? I tried to mount an AFP share in /Users/frontrow/Movies but that didn’t work and I can’t figure how to do the same with NFS.