ATVFiles Problems - Audio & Rewind

With the latest version of the OS (2.4) as well as ATVFlash (3.6.2), I continue to have the problems others have noted earlier. The “Weird Audio” with some files that used to work on the 2.3.x versions of AppleTV, and corresponding ATVFlash versions. Sapphire works with those files, but it doesn’t show a single entry for multi-part files.

And rewind always resets the box, no matter which player I use.

Also, advancing forward behaviour has changed. It used to skip in ‘chunks’ but now is a steady advance, which is a problem when you have far to go forward. Any chance this will be changed back?

Installed ATV 3.6.3 - all the same problems still exist. Looks like ATV Files is slowly degrading and getting no love from dev . . .