ATVfiles not in 4.01 update?

Hi, I updated to 4.01 today…and besides my noted (in other forums) nitotv is crashing, xbmc/boxee has disappeared…ATVfile was never shown in the main appletv menu. Did I miss something? I hope you come out with a 4.02 version soon…as this 4.01 is a bit buggy :cry: Let me know how I can reset my main menu to get back the two missing menu items…thanks.

[color=#BF0040]I got an email from Apple TV advising to upgrade to 3.0.1 so I upgraded, then when ATV Flash 4.0.1 came out I upgraded, however, the Apple TV bypasses the USB drive when rebooting so all I see is the Apple logo. No luck with the quick fix, when will the next update be out? This one is not working for me although the installation to the USB drive pops up “successful” on the Mac version?[/color] :!: :?: :expressionless: