ATVFiles 1.2.0 is out

Hey all, just a quick note that ATVFiles 1.2.0, if you’d like to install it, it is very easy. You can download the .run file below and then use Fugu to transfer it to the AppleTV:

NOTE: As of version 1.2.0, ATVFiles requires at least the Apple TV 2.1 update to run.

ATVFiles can be installed via Software Menu, or manually via the file.

To install manually,

  1. Copy the file to the Apple TV.
  2. SSH into the Apple TV, and run the following command: sudo sh

It does not matter what the file is named, if Safari renames it to something like it will still work fine.

Just remember that you need to be aware of where the files is, just put it in the frontrow folder, it is the easiest place.

I use cyberduck, transfer it to what folder. I get 8 folders when I open CD. Applications, atvflash, Desktop, Documents, Library, Movies, nitoTemp, and Pictures.

You can just put it in the folder that Cyberduck puts you in. Once you ssh in to the AppleTV you can just run the command:

sudo sh

The password is frontrow

ATVFiles 1.2.0 is included in the latest 3.4.3 release. :slight_smile: