ATV4windows - ATV 3.3.5?

What is the best procedure to remove ATV4Windows (I think version 2.2?) and go to aTV Patch 3.3.5? I have 2.1 of the Apple TV firmware installed; should I wipe the machine out 1st, upgrade to 2.2 - and then run the patchstick? If so, can I simply reset the ATV and will it remove the ATV4Windows easy enough? Thanks!

I’m not sure how similar the two different patches are, so my recommendation is to restore the AppleTV, update, and then run aTV Flash. Be aware that if you have any saved movies or music on the AppleTV, they will be gone after the restore so back anything up extra.

Yes, they are most definitely different and do not play well together.

You will be best off following Madcran’s recommendation of a factory restore, update then install.