ATV4K - Wake up from Sleep - 5.7.4

So the only new app I’ve installed in a long time on my ATV is Infuse.

I’ve noticed that at times now, once my ATV goes to sleep, it takes 2-3 minutes to ‘wake’ up to start back up. If I wait it out, it does go back to the home screen, but seems very strange that once I’ve installed Infuse, I am getting the odd not waking up ATV.

I use Plex Integration and a rather large library of ~2k movies and 19k TV episodes.

Anyone else notice a similar experience or pattern? I can always remove it, but would rather figure out what the cause is.

Yes, I am having the same effect. It started like around one or two months ago. I am using infuse since around half a year now. So maybe this is due to an update. But I can’t tell precisely when it happened.

This is most likely do to the recent change in tvOS 11 that handicapped the Wake On Lan functions. It still wakes but could take a bit longer since they removed some of the functionality.

Yes, that seems to be a more logical answer.

I would find that odd as I have multiple ATVs and the one with Infuse is the only one doing it and it did not start with an IOS update on the TV.

I may have misunderstood you. Are you saying that if your ATV goes to sleep (the white light on front goes out) and you click to wake it that then it takes a few minutes for the white light to come back on?

No, it’s a little bit different. When it goes to sleep, and you want to wake it up right away, it won’t react. You need to wait somehow like 2 minutes, maybe less, until it will react.

Yes, the white light definitely goes out. The ATV goes to sleep and turning it back on, it goes to a black screen. When the screen is black, the white light is back on. You can wait that out for 2-5 minutes and it pops back on. I notice it majority of the time when I was using Infuse and put it to sleep.

I have 3 ATVs in the house all running the same apps minus the 1 running Infuse and that’s the only one that exhibits the behavior.

And the white light stays off while the screen is black and then it lights and the home screen appears? If so, I have a 4K that occasionally does the same thing but two other plain ATV 4s (not the 4K version) have not done this. Having infuse on it or not makes no difference when I started over with adding apps so it may be something in the sleep state that Apple has the 4K versions doing some kind of housekeeping on occasion and it won’t wake until finished. Just a guess on my part.

Light turns back on. I updated my post to include that as well.

I’ve been on the same IOS now for a bit and this only started with the Infuse install. That’s some crazy coincidence if not related. It happens every 3-4 sleeps as I can pretty much reproduce it as it just started in the last two weeks since I’ve installed Infuse.

Never happened before.

This may sound like a long shot but could you try a new HDMI cable for the ATV 4K that’s causing issues? I have run across one ATV 4K that would appear to go to black for a short period and then return and a new cable solved the issue. Seems that the video negotiations were getting hosed by a poor cable (poor for 4K that is). A new 4K rated cable fixed it.

Just a thought.

Hi, I don’t think, this would meet the problem. When trying to wake up the atv, the white led will not go on. At least here in my situation. You need to wait a few minutes and then try again. I am having two atv 4 k with both running infuse.

I wasn’t recommending you change cables, that’s why I quoted the other poster. If you are having this happen often you may need to try a reset of the ATV and start fresh.

One other thing that may be worth a try is to go into ATV Settings > General > Background App refresh > Set to Off

That may be what’s happening is one ( or more) of the apps you have that is capable of refreshing in the background may be tying up your ATV for a minute or two. That’s just a wild guess though.

Hi, I had the impression, we are describing the same issue. Anyway I don’t mind. I can image like you, that the atv is doing something in the background. Thats why it has higher latency, till it accepts the wake up call.

Yeah, my ATV4K has done what you’re is doing a few times but not in a repeatable or frequent way. I was wondering if it maybe had had a power loss that maybe scrambled the remote signal for the first time until it got it’s mind back. Who knows,

The other posters symptoms are a bit different since his white light comes on but the screen stays blank so it may just be having a problem negotiating the video connection.

Funny, I can repeat it. You need to wait, until the ATV goes to sleep. And then try at once. Then it won’t react. If you don’t see, when it goes to sleep, and try later, it is out of the time window, where it won’t react.

My thought was background app refresh as well. I can try turning that off and see if it goes away.