ATV4K SMB Problem (Synology)

I have a problem with SMB at my ATV4. It used to work fine and NFS/SMB was at Favorites. When I trying to connect via SMB I have connection problem.

  • I don’t change any preferences at my NAS
  • Firewall disabled
  • Tried to restart ATV, reinstall Infuse [NOK]
  • Tried disable iCloud Sync [NOK]
    -Tried to connect from MBP via SMB with same credential [OK]
  • Tried to connect via SMB from iPhone (Infuse) [OK]
  • Tried to connect via SMB from iPad (Infuse) [OK]

So even after I added SMB favorites from iPhone/iPad it will appears at ATV but still have a problem with connection.

  • router - rebooted
  • NAS - rebooted
  • ATV - restarted

tvOS - 14.0.2
Infuse 6 - last version

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