ATV4K on 1080 Plasma

Hi, would like to read some comments about a question I have about the new ATV4K. Currently I use Infuse 5 Pro in a ATV4 to stream content from my NAS to a 1080 Plasma. All is fine for me, even in 24p content I don’t notice judder and in reality I’m fine with the setup. I do have plans to get a 4K OLED later next year but I was wondering if I get an ATV4K right now will it be any advantages (or disadvantages) or should I just wait to get the 4K TV to get the new Apple TV?

I can get a 32 ATV4K for 140 usd right now so that’s why I’m wondering if I should take advantage of this.


I don’t think you are loosing much.
The main advantage would be the absence of judder when displaying 24p content but you already have that. (If you have 25p or 50p content that would be useful though)
The Apple TV 4K is more responsive, has faster Ethernet, and has hardware acceleration for H265 videos.
Plus you could start piling up 4K content for when you will get your 4K tv.
And you could probably sell your old Apple TV too.

I think you’re ok not upgrading for now, although I think if I were you I probably would! :slight_smile:

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… to play HEVC content regardless of resolution and color range?

Thanks for the comments

I have ATV 4K with a 2012 plasma. The autoswitch to 24 and 25/50 hz is soooo nice! Definitely worth the upgrade.