ATV4K and remote share Synology DS218+


I am using a local apple tv (with infuse) and local synology both on the same network to watch movies. I have installed a remote apple tv for a member of my family and I would like to give him access to my movie hosted on my synology.

Locally, I have the router (box) from my ISP and the synology connected to him.

What could be the best option to connect the remote apple tv (also with infuse) to my local synology ?


What’s your upload speed? If you have 4K movies you’re going to need a lot of upload speed. If recommend either using plex or FTP to connect the remote AppleTV. You’ll have to do port forwarding to achieve this (check your router user guides).

You should definitely use Plex because it’s optimised for streaming.

Regarding 4K, remember that your Synology will not be able to transcode (and anyway 4K HDR should never be transcoded). The solution is to have another lower resolution version of the movie.
Infuse/Plex handle seamlessly different versions of a movie.

Thanks. I will mainly stream 1080p movies. My main question is about the way i will open shared movies from the Synology to the remote ATV. So it seems that i will need to install plex on the Synology. And after, what do i need to open on the router for remote access to PLex ?


If you have upnp enabled then nothing. Check the plex settings dashboard in the remote connection settings. It’ll tell you whether or not the port is open. If it isn’t simply open that port specified on your router