ATV4K and Jellyfin - Genre mismatched

Just doing a new setup using Apple TV 4K and Jellyfin and the Genres don’t match for some reason. Previously (without jellyfin) I was able to add a menu to my home screen: TV Shows by Genre > Kids and it shows all the kids TV in a nice list. Now the Genre kids does not exist in Infuse I only see ‘Children’s’ and this genre does not exist in Jellyfin.

Any ideas?

Both ATV and Jellyfin are setup for English Australia if that helps.

When streaming from a media server like Jellyfin, Infuse will use the metadata and artwork found there instead of fetching its own.

If you were previously using a direct connection (without Jellyfin) then Infuse would have used info from TMDB. Infuse previously used TheTVDB for TV show metadata, so depending in when you had the old share setup, it may have fetched info from here.