ATV4 with Airport Extreme does NOT work

ATV4 & Airport Extreme with an external USB drive don’t work together. I can get the them connected and login etc, but depending on which of several combinations of set I try, I either get and empty folder or movies that won’t play. Judging by the number of others who’ve posted on this, I conclude that fireCore’s Infuse 5 Pro is a complete waste of time and money if trying to use it in this way. I may as well just buy a little NAS device and forget fireCore alltogether. If anybody has succeeded with this setup, or if fireCore would like to publish a guide that actually works, please respond to this pots and tell me.

Well now it does, but not without days of frustrating trial an error. Being old school, I’m a great believer in the RTFM phrase, but there isn’t one. Its working, but I’m still struggling to understand how to use all the features. There are probably features I’m unaware of. For example, I copied an Apple protected movie to prove to my that it wouldn’t play. Of course it didn’t, so I deleted from the USB drive connected to my Airport Extreme. I did this from a WiFi connected iMac. This was not the correct way to do this, because it still showed on the ATV screen. I then found a way to delete it via Infuse5, but that failed, because it wasn’t really there. So I deleted all metadata, but that’s removed all the nice poster frames from all my videos and I can’t fine a way to get them back. I could go on…

A bit more info on connecting to various devices (an Airport Extreme in particular) can be found here. Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore

Unfortunately purchased iTunes content is not supported at this time. This is a limitation from Apple, as iTunes is only supported in Apple designed apps.


i french so , sorry for the mistakes.
i had the same trouble with my time capsule and after many tries, i finally made it work by putting the time capsule name in the username and the password is the one from the timcapsule.
no need to put admin or administrator etc…
hope it can help you.