ATV4 version of Infuse

I’m a long time user of Kodi / XBMC (since the original Xbox days). While I have been happy running Kodi on my FireTV, if Infuse comes out for AppleTV 4 I might be swayed esp. if the new FireTV OS continues to make launching Kodi difficult. Not to mention that the new AppleTV looks great.

My thoughts

  • I store all my music, pictures, and video on a NAS which shares via SMB
    ** I’d like to be able to point Infuse at my NAS shares to play the various kinds of media
    ** I’d like Infuse watch for updates / additions / deletions in my media and react accordingly
    ** I’d like to be able to delete media after I have watched it (delete it from within Infuse, have it deleted on the NAS). This might be an extra option that needs to be enabled, as it is with Kodi.
  • I’d greatly prefer if the client would transcode natively (unlike Plex which transcodes on the server, which I think is a bad idea).
  • I love the idea of using a central database to mark what I have watched across devices (I believe Trakt does this for you).
  • When viewing my media be able to sort by name, date added (oldest first, newest first), etc.
  • Search for media would be nice
  • Integrate with AppleTV search would be amazing

That’s all off of the top of my head.

I’d like to see some status of what is going on. I’m intending to get the v4 ATV when it comes out but only if Infuse is happening for the unit. I know this is the intent but there hasn’t been any latest status to indicate if this will happen (i.e. yes we have a Developer setup with the new ATV and are working to porting Infuse to this)

I’m excited! I’ve been waiting for a long time for a small media player that supports playing 10-bit (hi10p) h.264 content. I’m primarily a Kodi/XBMC user (now on Fire TV 1 - Fire TV 2 is a buggy mess, so I returned it).

It looks like the ATV4 has everything I need, though gigabit ethernet and 4k support would have been nice. And it supports HEVC/h.265 (hopefully in 10-bit/ main10).

I’ve also just now learned about Infuse, tried it out on my iPhone 4, and it looks like it has everything I need, which is just the ability to play all media file types from network shares.

I’ll be getting an ATV4 and Infuse on it as soon as I can.

I just setup the return on my FireTV 2 and am moving back to the FireTV 1, for now. The USB port doesn’t work on the new one and the only differences I really see is that apps are missing (Spotify Connect, others). I’ll get another FireTV 2 once they iron out the bugs OR, preferably, I’ll just get an ATV4 if Infuse comes out for ATV4 and works well enough to run instead of Kodi. Please tell us it is coming soon!

Yes, I am also ordering an ATV4 as they’ll go on sale later today. I’m hoping infuse will be available very soon.

Thinks I would like to see

  • Transcode/remux on the fly (Does so on iOS already)
  • Store status library database in iCloud, so it syncs between devices (lost my view status a couple of times after reinstall on iOS)
  • Better folder art media handling (it shows a lot of folder icons instead of fetching art)
  • On Apple TV, fetch metadata and artwork on an interval if possible (so folder browsing can work fast. On iOS it can be a bit slow if a lot has changed in the library)
    *** By using an interval good support for a ‘recently added’ view can be enabled (Now on iOS it seems a bit wonky for my tv shows)
  • Auto fetch/enable subs (multiple languages) Maybe add some criteria matching (if audio track not English > enable subs by default)
  • Downmix DTS 5.1 to Dolby Digital 5.1 (One of the sticking points that made me switch to Plex)
  • Remove files from NAS from within Infuse (As pointed out by DorffMeister)
  • Integrate universal search when Apple opens up the API
  • Remote library access so you can stream a movie outside of LAN (but still on wifi, roaming access will definitely need serverside transcoding or you will die of bill-shock :slight_smile: )
    *** Would be awesome if the Apple TV app can be the server for this (As Plex Media Server is on my NAS) Use the ATV to transcode a lighweight stream to an iPhone or iPad.
  • A bit of a feature roadmap would be nice.

I think you guys have a good chance of becoming the plex of the Apple ecosystem. Plex’s strength is that it is everywhere, but that’s also it’s biggest drawback. It relies on server side transcoding, which was good at the time when you ran it on your PC or Mac, but with all the low powered NASses (like my DS213j) out there, this is less than ideal. If you guys focus the attention on the Apple ecosystem I think you can get a chunk of plex users over.

  • An ‘on deck’ like feature from Plex would be nice. You can immediately pick up where you left of in a series / season. This saves on drilling down into folders.

I picked up the 32gb version. Let’s hope Infuse is sooner rather than later :slight_smile:

Same here! Bring on the infuse party! :slight_smile:

I just ordered the Apple TV 32Gb version. Looking forward for Infuse on the new Apple TV.


I just got my 32GB 4th gen Apple TV. Any ideas when we’ll be able to download infuse on it?


My 64GB ATV 4 arrived here in Australia today. Frankly, right now all I would like from FireCore is an Infuse media player app not that much different that the one you have for the ATV 2, with largely the same features (favourite NAS shares, metadata downloading, integration, etc) and a new interface to match/complement the look of the ATV 4 interface. I can wait for Siri and search integration and the other sexy stuff.

What I’m really confused about is why other are asking on the FireCore forum for other media players like Kodi, Plex, xbmc, etc. It seems to me these were just apps previously provided within the FireCore framework on a Seas0nPass jailbroken ATV 1 and 2. If you really want those, what I think you need to do it lobby the developers of those media players to create an app for the new tvOS app store, which in all likelihood will now be competitors to Infuse. Just my 2 cents worth.

I am currently using ATVflash with a 2nd Gen ATV. I have all my ripped DVDs on an external HD for use with ATVflash. Will I be able to use the same HD (with the ripped DVDs) with Infuse and ATV4 to watch movies on my TV? Will I be able to do this without a computer running?

If you use a NAS, then yes… If you now use the external USB on the Apple TV, then no… The port is service only and can only be used on the 2nd gen when jailbroken…

arcadelt, I can only respond from my perspective.

  • I don’t use Plex because I don’t want to transcode my media. Why waste a ton of cycles on my server when a decent player can play all my media “as-is”.
  • I love Kodi. It does everything I want. I run it now on my FireTV (because I can easily sideload on my FireTV), but I think the AppleTV might be a better device. I’ve been using XBMC since the days when I actually ran it on an original Xbox. I’d probably stay with Kodi in a heartbeat but the likelihood is that Apple will never approve Kodi for their store.
  • I’ve never used Infuse and I never meant to imply: “add these features or I won’t buy your app” or “these things better be there day one or I won’t buy your app”. My intent was merely “I know what features a great media player would have for me” and listed some of those things here. If FireCore don’t know what people want from an app, they might miss things they didn’t think of or didn’t think people cared about.

I presume by an external HD you mean a NAS or similar. That would be the whole point ednet, to have it working similarly to how it currently works on the ATV 2, otherwise there would be no advantage over using the ‘Computers’ functionality built into all versions of the ATV.

If you use a NAS, then yes… If you now use the external USB on the Apple TV, then no… The port is service only and can only be used on the 2nd gen when jailbroken…[/quote]

Can you do that on the ATV 2 Lezz? I never thought to try.

I wasn’t limiting my comments to posts just in this thread DorffMeister, but the other threads under the ATV 4 topic, where some are asking for those media players. FireCore has previously bundled a number of media players, creating a sort of defacto App Store for jail broken ATV 1s and 2s, including their default media player before it was rebadged as Infuse along with their IOS offering. I presume this was because those other media players were popular early on, so they thought they would give users choice, and thus broaden the market for ATV Flash. However, those other media players have their own developer set, and they are the people that should be lobbyied if they want their favourite player in the ATV 4 App Store.

As you haven’t used Infuse, let me reassure you that it is very comprehensive in its current form, and it has many of the features you would like. Of course, that might not apply to the ATV 4 App Store version, but I’m sure you could adjust or look elsewhere if it doesn’t fully meet your needs. However, the development environment for Infuse is not a blank slate, as it is quite mature and has its own look and feel and feature set; and more importantly, it’s own user base who have expectations that it will not stray too far from what they are used to.

Thanks guys for your input! To clarify, I currently use a 2nd Gen. ATV, jailbroken and using ATV Flash. My external HD with the ripped DVDs (via Ripit or MDRP) is connected via USB to my wi-fi router (Apple Extreme) and not to the ATV2. I guess this makes it a NAS? Sounds like I can leave the HD connected where it’s at and when the Infuse for the ATV4 App Store comes out, I can enjoy the movies via the ATV4.

Perhaps, but I have no experience with this kind of setup. That said, if it works with your ATV now, then I suppose it should in the future.

While you aren’t using a NAS box per-se, you have storage connected to your router and your router is sharing it, probably via SMB. This is pretty much the definition of Network Attached Storage, I’d say. It should work fine, I’d speculate.