ATV4 Collections Dissapear

My collections are suddenly split into individual movies even though “collections” option is enabled. I tried clearing all metadata and re-fetching it-- it shows collections initially then next time I open Infuse, collections are split up again.

Any ideas?

Also - does this forum have a search feature? I could not find one.


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I came here to find an answer to the exact same question…

To search the forums:
Go here:
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on on “Search The Forum”.
Hope that helps…

Thanks for the tip! So it appears the collections only show up when you go Library->Movies->All Movies. If you have a shortcut to access lets say a movies folder in your NAS, then the collections do not get grouped. It looks like the collections feature only works if you are looking at your All Movies page.

Hope that helps!

There was a recent improvement on how Infuse handles the collections group. The first control for collections is under the Setting menu (Gear) on the home screen.

Under setting > General > Collections (ON/OFF)
“On” will show collections in both the “All Movies” and in the “Collections” group in the Movie Library.
Selecting “Off” will show collections only under the “Collections” group in the Movie Library.

When on the home screen and you go to Library > Movies you’ll have the list of sorting options. If you have selected “On” in the general setting then when you open “All Movies” you will see the movies grouped into collections along with all of the other movies. If you selected “Off” then collections will be shown as individual movies along with all other movies instead of a single group.

You can always go to the “Collections” sort to see the collections in your movie library.

The great thing is that if you want to have your collections shown on the home screen you can long press on the “Collections” under “Movies” in the Library and add it as a favorite. Then the movie collections will show on the home screen as its own favorite. This trick will work for any of the sort options in the library for both Movies and TV shows.