ATV3 possible jailbreak with downgrade from 5.1 (just a theory)

Ok so,stuck in the IT lab most of the day.

Following the jailbreak epidemic unfold on twitter,It kinda sparked to me a few moments ago it might be possible to downgrade the 5.1 a5 chipset with the exploit recently reveled

And recently MuscleNerd released a statement saying

“Upcoming redsn0w supports restoring, including iPad2/3 and 4S downgrades (with blobs) …also stitches on the fly :)”

U can check his page.but just wondering wouldnt this include appleTV3 because of the a5 chip?

Im sorry if i its a stupid question,logicily i thought it made sense in my head.If im wrong,sorry in advance

atv3 has nowhere to downgrade, it came out with ios 5.0.

thread can be closed.


Hey you never know it could happen because Ipad 3 come with IOS 5.0 too, when it release give it a shot. If not too bad a waste of $$$.

The atv3’s SoC is a A5r2 - different from the A5 and A5X. I suppose an untethered JB for the new ipad will not automatically apply to the atv3.

The biggest issue w/ the atv3 is the bootrom and the firmware (and as ormanton states, there is no atv3 with 5.1. all devices are shipped w/ 5.0 and have no updated image).

Also, the atv3 image seems to be a different one than on the iphones and ipads in terms of software it contains (for example: no safari and less services running) which make it a lot harder to JB. So if exploits are found within safari on the new ipad which make it JB-able, you can forget about that JB on atv3.

I am totally new to Apple devices and JB, just happen to have bought me an atv3 after I got advised by a friend who said it will be broken within weeks. Well I’m 3 weeks further, but after reading JB history and the situation we’re in now, I think a JB -if there will be any for the atv3- is at least a year away. Despite what you can read in official blogposts on this website, which I personally find misleading. Hope I’m totally wrong here.


i think pod2g got it … :wink:

adding to your post, the arguments that assembled those thoughts would be more than welcome :slight_smile:

Just follow him on twitter (or simple read his postings there) …!/pod2g




Ahh, I do follow pod2g on twitter and nowhere did he mention having a JB for the atv3.

If i understand right he found kernel exploit! i think this is meaning atv3 too…


also this make sense with some infos from firecore with release for atv2 :slight_smile:

original thread is about downgrade.

There is no point to speculate what he found or didn’t as nobody knows(I hope).

There is plenty of open threads as this discussion and it gives nothing .

Stay calm boys&girls, be patient.

Yes. There it is and confirmed by pod2g… Jailbreak for 5.1 on any device except for the atv3. Exactly as I thought it will turn out. And again, firecore is misleading in their blogposts. selling my brick.

I find it literally funny that people are bitching about purchasing a device IN ANTICIPATION of it being hacked… They are actually mad that they spent $90 on a device that works very well as designed and functions as expected out of the box. I will buy fire core along with many others when it works On ATV3. Until then I will enjoy 1080P as designed…