ATV3 or ATV2

If you were thinking of purchasing an Apple TV and you needed it to be jailbroken and you needed it within the next few months.


Would you


a) Buy an ATV 3 and wait patiently expecting a jailbreak to appear within that timeframe?


b) Buy an ATV 2 from Ebay and ensure it had 4.4.4. on it and then either jailbreak it or hope it was jailbroken




  1. Do something else?




ATV2 over an ATV3 because the only added at the moment is 1080p. Also the dev team has stated that it could be harder to find an exploit for the new version.

Must admit that is the kind of way I am leaning at the minute. The ones on Ebay are selling for a premium. Do you think they won’t find a jailbreak at all, or will just be a long time coming?

You be the judge… they may have made progress since these posts however…

I sense the next JB release will be for ATV2 running iOS5, not for the ATV3 base on what MuscleNerd stated.

If one can get a ATV 4.4.4, it’s great. If not, get a ATV2 5.0 and wait for JB software release.

If the next release is just for the ATV2 iOS5, the ATV2 price will be skyrocked.

One can find an used ATV2 on craiglist for $50 easily. IF all you want is XBMC, an alternative is look for a nettop. I get an nettop for $100, put linux in it, Run even better than ATV.

Have fun

which model of nettop ?

Just looked on ebay(UK) and ATV2 are going for just as much as new ATV3, if not more. Would seem the concensus is that a Jailbreak isn’t going to be forthcoming too soon for ATV3

The difference between ATV2 and ATV3 is not only the ability to output 1080p, but there is also a better, faster processor, making the software run more smoothly (and i would presume video content processing as well).

Personally, I already own an ATV2 and I’m considering selling it and getting the ATV3 for these two hardware upgrades (don’t really care as much about iOS5 as it’s available on both).

Why not just run 4.4.4 on ATV3?? 1080p and the upgraded processor hardware upgrades, so the software it’s running shouldn’t matter.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned this yet.

Well A you cannot downgrade your iOS when the device wasn’t meant to run it.

There is no jailbreak available for ATV3 yet.

Gotcha, thanks.

I just read and saw a video on the a jailbreak thertherd works now can any one confirm or deny. The video is on their. Site and is on YouTube hit a few hrs ago.


I’m assuming what that means is that you get the newer software on the Apple TV 2, not that ATV3 is jailbreakable?

If so - sounds good as I have an ATV2 sat next to me now to replace the 3 at home.



to make your decision even harder :slight_smile:

the atv3 has double memory  ( 512mb instead of the 256 the atv 2 has) and has a new processor that has enough power to make us all smile.

But then again  a non jailbreaked (normal)  atv3 isnt worth as much as a jailbreaked atv2.






i’ve seen conflicting reports about the ATV 3 processing power.

As the specs state, it’s only a single-core A5 chip -

as opposed to the dual-core seen in the iPad.

so, a lot will depend on what you want to use the jailbreaking for. me personally, i love XBMC, and on their forum it is unsure if the single-core will make that much of a difference…??


Time will tell…

There is no jailbreak available for Apple TV 3. There is a tethered jailbreak for Apple TV 2 running iOS 5.1. The link is not an official firecore blog please stop posting it. is the official blog.

Hi Matty, thx for clarifying that :)

Talk is that the ATV3 might not get JB but the site here says: 

AppleTV 3 update coming soon! Order now and get access to both versions.

I have an ATV3, is it worth me ordering now or best to wait?


I’d wait…

Thx :)

Just one more thing, should the ATV3 get JB at any point, will it matter if the ATV3 has been used? Got this new toy and want to have a play, even if I can’t make it ‘better’ at this point. Playing with it now, won’t ruin my chances later?

Correct. You can use it all you want. However do not, under any circumstances, update the iOS software when prompted. I would recommend using TinyUmbrella to backup your SHSH blobs. Do a little research on how to do with this for the Apple TV.

what software version does ATV3 come with out of the box?