ATV3 Jailbroken? Fake Seas0nPass?

Hi newbie here,

Just got myself an ATV3 today (upgrade of ATV1) only because I came across this this morning:

I’ve also seen these appearing on YouTube, etc.

The ‘voice’ is suggesting it’s for ATV3.

Is this bugus?



It is incredibly misleading but, from the Update page:


Thx for the reply Seb.F :slight_smile:

No one has updated their Twitter for a few days, and the ATV3 thing was added today. Just trying to find out whether its legit or bogus? You have to participate in a survey to get the download (which I haven’t done) - is that the normal way to get the stuff from Seas0npass? The YouTube channel was also created today, so I wondered if it was fake and just a way to get revenue from the survey?



We’ll say it’s bogus then!?! :wink: Thx :slight_smile:

Site is fake