ATV3 Jailbreak

Anybody know…is there ACTUALLY an ATV3 jailbreak coming or not?


There is bunch of scammers out there, please keep checking FireCore Home Page for the ATV3 updates.

I sold it. Went to Walmart and bought a Boxee TV. Now I have the same PLUS free Cable. and I know a hack will be there soon to add XBMC, so. Good luck with ATV3

Forget Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3.

Try A10 Allwinner Android for less then $70 and its lot more powerful then Apple TV3 also has 1GB RAM, 1080P.

My few friends are already running XBMC, Skype and also lot more applications.

Check google…



When did xbmc release an Android version?

7 to 8 months ago but now its improved a lot since Jelly Bean 4.1.1 came out.

You can find ton of video from YouTube…

Are your A10 plays 720P and 1080P videos smooth on xbmc, does it support video hardware acceleration? Please don’t suggest anything which doesn’t solve the actual purpose of xbmc. Its not about apple or android, its about xbmc with smooth HD videos and HWA. Or better support pivos where you have chance of stable xbmc box.



Try MK808 and its not so expensive from

I bought two units GV17 from them and still waiting to get my package.




Same to you with pivos!!! Don’t suggesting anything which does not solve actual purpos of xbmc unless running on Linux…however user experience issue on Linux with Netflix…I have tested bunch of android stick or box and they are just another paper weight… At this time


Don’t waste your time with android, the cold hard truth is that it is inferior to the apple tv. Maybe one day it will be on the same level but today it is not.

In the mean time as I was a long time reader/contributor to this forum I am offering everyone here this new alternative which is FAR superior to apple tv 1, 2 or 3 and android!

Im offering a promotional price to all firecore readers, please note this package does not come with 3rd party add ons pre installed but as your reading this forum it is most likely you know how to install those :wink:

This price is $25 below the comparable zotac unit and comes with an amazing remote, an OS and XBMC preinstalled, and a few other goodies.

We are looking for more distributors, so feel free to contact us regarding that :slight_smile:



Xbmc is never will be HD if the movies you are saying aren’t HD or 1080i or 780i or whatever. People use it to see bad quality premium movies that are rip from dvds or cam rec from a theather. So… Stop saying xbmc offer no quality. It’s like saying I can’t fly with my shoes. OF COURSE YOU CAN’T.

But the beauty of enjoy movies for free is priceless.

Apple TV 2 will be more expensive now, Apple announce a Setup Box so it will be impossible to jailbreak too. And that ATV 2 will be hard to buy as soon as that happens.

In the main time go buy anything that let you play xbmc and you will be happy.

Hey Gombeek,

Your prices are way to high. Your Gyro Remote is only $20 from Geekbuying and your unit has Ubuntu so Ubuntu works on Mali 400G as well as iMito. I am getting 2 Android units with built in mic and camera and will install xbmc on Android and post and also Ubuntu is ready on my XD card to use on that Android units for the test.

Its not to expensive to buy and try and geekbuying is providing warranty and support.

Since ATV2 is hard to find then all we need alternative solutions for XBMC. If ICEFILMS, 1Channels and NaviX play thats all we need.

FireCore must comes up with new easy flash for Android Google Box.




Thanks for the feedback, we tested android boxes/devices prior to the release of our product, we had our software engineer and outside software engineers look at the android system, the results were poorer than the apple tv 2. When we decided to develop a product it was very important to us to not release something of lessor quality than the existing option (apple tv 2). Our box out performs apple tv 2 in every respect, it is more expensive but it is more expensive parts. Lets compare:




Processor----AMD E-350 1.6----------1.5

WIFI------------b/g/n----------------b/g  **n is the fastest of the 3


we can continue on but there is no real point, it is very clear it is an inferior system. Side by side the Raw Entertainment System will outperform in every aspect. I won’t even bring up imito as it is a VERY poor system, but you don’t have to believe me, purchase one and find out or simply do a google search of reviews of people who tried to use it, there isn’t one positive review. 

We have plenty of prototype android boxes at our office that are not up to our standards, your welcome to purchase them all, ill even sell them for less than geek buying :wink:

But really in all honesty, why would you settle for something less than Apple TV 2? Spend the $150-200 on ebay and buy a used one, you will be FAR happier than with android. Or if you want something better than apple tv 2 feel free to purchase my product, or go to Bestbuy and buy the comparable Zotac E350 model (we also use the amd E350), it costs 301.98 and you will need a remote, you will need to load your own OS and other software. The models you are comparing above is like comparing a new Ferrari to a beat up 1982 honda civic.

Also what warranty and support are they providing? Are they going to support you installing 3rd party software? no. Are they going to guide you through installing xbmc? no. Do they warranty you reflashing the OS with a linux build xbmc? no. Will they teach you how to reflash the linux build? no. We offer warranty and full support, we sell a product you don’t need to modify, it just works. We don’t sell htpc’s and iPhone cases, xmas ornaments, earphones and a plethora of unrelated items, we specialize in htpc’s, xbmc and its addons. 


P.S. if you are heart set on android why waste time with these cheap chinese knock offs from a website with broken english? Just buy the Xios Pivos and be done with it, at least that comes with support and they know what they are talking about. 


You must have know that one of the main developer who bought xbmc to ATV2 is developing xbmc for pivos. Other then netflix everything working, also as it is built upon latest xbmc alpha/beta, so will get fully stable along with xbmc release. Not doubt right now ATV2 is best in range except 720P limitation. no point to drag it futher.

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@gombeek, would you like to share what addons and systems your software engineers have developed for community!


Hi Gombick,

Please send me your address and contact phone number and I have friend who lives in that same city will visit and buy all those unwanted androids products.

Thank you for your explaining your product and its very interesting but I would like to play with it Androids and don’t mind to buy from you.


Thanks again,



Hi I’ve got a development in the works we are keeping close to home. As far as the development of add ons we have merely contributed to some smaller add ons in the past, nothing worth bragging about. This is also true of some fixes, administrative functions and other low level testing. Its not high profile fame building type stuff but it has helped the community :slight_smile:

This kinda overprice honest not bashing your thread…newegg several day ago I was able pick 1 AMD 350 mobo bundle with 4gb ram for 50$ after 10$ MIR mini Itx… Amazon small Barebone case 25$ also pickup ssd 60gd 50$ MicroCenter total 125$. I can build decent mini htpc…

Honestly, I can buy a Raw… If you can run XBMC and it let you enjoy Channel1, NaviX, Icefilms and more You are saving a lot of money anyway. Thanks for the advice! Question: this Raw boot on XBMC or we need to install it our selves?