ATV3 jailbreak will be unsupported in latest 5.0.2 untethered from pod2g

Sadly, the jailbreak for the new Apple TV is compromised. Here is a link to Pod2g blog, the ATV3 is not compatible with the new untethered jailbreak. No path for jailbreak…


I think you mean not compromised??


No jailbreak = jailbreak compromised.

It is incorrect to speak of the “jailbreak as compromised”. It will get people slightly excited for 10 seconds, which is what bogus JB posts are all about.

Just like peoples’ response to that “The Apple TV 3 has successfully been j… ,” story a couple of weeks ago, where people ignored the fact that it was published in quotes and then got excited about how it was a hoax and a scam. Pah.

My status as an astronaut is compromised… by the fact that I am not an astronaut at all.

There IS no jailbreak yet. There is nothing to compromise, so don’t describe the situation that way. What you should have posted is this:

“There is still no ATV3 JB. Check again next week.”

That’s all the insight you have, and it’s all anyone knows about it.

Granted it’s not very exciting news, but we all just have to find other things to do until a ATV3 JB appears, if ever.



I updated the thread title to make more sense.

Just a question to Firecore : What happens to your business if for any reason there will be no JB possible for ATV 3 and/or IOS 6 ?

As far as I know, the new iPad 2 (Model 2,4) is not supported yet (but would be) and the ATV3 shares the same A5 chip. Maybe a hope as soon as it’s cracked…

Although they both have A5 processors, I do not think they are actually the same chip. Whether this will matter for jailbreaking I have no idea.


sorry bud but thats incorrect. the definition of compromised when speaking in terms of any type of “hacking” is

To reduce the quality, value, or degree of something”. 

where something in this case would be the software on witch the ATV2 runs.

you are not compromising a jailbreak if you are not affectively attempting to alter its physical attributes. (Code or what have you)

You dont compromise a jailbreak. You compromise the ATV.

when apple releases a new Firmware update they are not Compromising the jailbreak because they have not physically worked on the actual JB software.

All they have done is patched a hole. 

Bottom line is that WE compromise ATV software, and apple improves its quality of the IOS so we cannot compromise it..

And the process starts all over again for us. 

Im betting that we are going to need to tear the new ATV3 apart to get a successful rootkit installed.

Rant over.. That is all.. lol

We get what you mean though Soner. Have a good one.


ATV3 and iPad 2,4 DO share the same A5 chip. One core is disabled in ATV3 but except that, they are completely identical.

Hmmm… just disabled? I thought its a custom single Core CPU

No, it’s not.
Check this out :

Then lets unlock the rest. ^^ /me wants to playback BluRay dumps.

So where do we setup a donation page for those working on ATV3 jb?