ATV3/EyeTV question


I recently bought an ATV3 and i´m patiently waiting for the jailbreak.
My final goal should be that i want to watch EyeTV recordings directly on the ATV , without a conversion to a lower quality format.
Most recordings are 720p with about 10Mbit/sec (1,3 MB/sec). I exported such files as an elemantary H264 stream to iTunes (where i could watch it), but ATV3 was not able to play the video, it showed just a black screen and i could hear audio. I assume ATV3 handles max. 8Mbit/sec.

so my question ist: will ATV3/NitoTV or any other option work with such files with a higher rate than 8Mbit/sec? An EyeTV recording package includes an mpg package with h264 video in it (HD) or mpeg2 (SD). Will this work?

Thanks in advance


Hi, Claus.

As the months go by it would seem that a jailbreak solution for ATV3 is not coming any time soon. The very few coders previously responsible for jailbreak solutions appear to have dropped the subject cold, i.e. they’ve exhausted every available avenue.

My suggestion would be to source an ATV2 from eBay.

I’ll leave the bitrate question up to someone else better qualified to comment.