ATV3 Downgrade with TinyUmbrella

Few ppl are offering ATV3 jailbreak where i live They Claim that they have done it .but from what i read here it is imposible is there anyway this can be done.they even advertise it online.I dont want them to kill my machine if its impossible.

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Sorry, that’s a scam.

Please check this following link…

[link removed]

For the Apple TV 3 Jailbreaking with XBMC installed…

I am not sure if this is scam but if anyone out here from Toronto Canada then please verify and post.



Yes, that’s the same link that was posted earlier and it is a scam.

The components required to get XBMC, aTV Flash or any other 3rd party plugins working with the 5.0 software on the ATV2 have not yet been released, let alone anything for the ATV3.

Anyone claiming otherwise is just out to steal your money.

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