ATV2 wont keep the jailbreak

I jailbroke both of the ATV2’s that I have with no problems. I installed XBMC as well as other things and have gone thru and watched many movies via Navi-x and Icefilms. All is good. As soon as I turn off the unit and unplug it, the jailbreak is lost. What am I doing wrong? Any help on this would be very appreciated. I am a newbie to this.

if you did a jailbreak to the 5.2.1 firmware then this is expected behaviour as this is a TETHERED jailbreak.

A tethered jailbreak means that any time you remove the power (or do a hard reset) then the next time the ATV tries to start up it will need connecting to your PC/Mac via USB to repeat the tethered boot part of the jailbreak process.    The way to avoid this is to not power off the ATV, but merely put it into standby.

So to put it in standby mode I push the play/pause button, correct?

I think it is press and hold on that button in the 5.2.1 firmware (it is in 5.2 which I am running).

Ok thank you

I also am experiencing weird issues with the 5.2.1 tethered jailbreak.   If I unplug the unit and boot up tethered my wifi settings are gone, I have to re connect to my wifi every time I lose power or unplug it.    Also I had it totally lose the jailbreak and booted up with Factory 5.2.1 firmware which was really weird.   I had the re jailbreak my apple tv2.