ATV2 with 4.4/5.0

I got a second-hand ATV2 today and before I attempt to jailbreak it I would like to know if it’s possible. The version numbers confuse me a bit.


In Settings > General > About, it says:

Apple TV Software 4.4 (3140)

OS Build Version 5.0 (9A334v)


Thanks for any advice!


It is possible but it is a  tethered  Jail Break


4.4 (iOS 5.0 - 9A334v)  - tethered

Ok that’s what I thought! Thank you! I just wanted to make sure before I gave it a go.

A couple of questions:

Is this the guide I should be using?

And if so, do I use those versions of seas0npass and ifaith or the latest versions?



Those versions will work