ATV2 (using Infuse) with NAS

I'm looking at getting either a Synology DS213J or the QNAP TS-212P. I plan to use it to put all my tv and movies on and then stream it via a couple of Jailbroken ATV2s using the Infuse app.

Couple of questions if I may. Do both these NASs work with ATV or is it only Synology? If both do, does anyone have any recommendation as to which way should go?


I think both will work. I use Infuse with my Lenovo EMC IX2 NAS. Works like a charm!


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I'm using the QNAP TS-212 since a couple of years with my AppleTV2, it works really great.

Have a look to lacie's cloudbox.. i own the 2gb version and it works like charm to me.


I'm using Infuse on an ATV2 with a Zyxel NSA320 NAS storing all my media. It works well, with the following caveat:

I had Infuse (as well as my Mac) connecting to my Zyxel box using NFS -- the performance is noticeably  better than SMB because NFS has less overhead. Now getting NFS working properly on the NSA320 was a bit of a challenge. Unfortunately, I failed to document what I had to do to get it working.

Well, the Zyxel box developed a a malfunction and I had to get it replaced under warranty. I had the two drives in it setup as RAID 1 (mirroring), so though one of the drives was corrupted when the NSA320 died, I managed to connect the other drive to my Mac (in an external USB case) and copy all the media from it. However, I was unable to retrieve all the settings from it (most importantly the NFS configuration)

Once I got the NSA320's replacement and set it up, rebuilt the RAID (with two new 4TB drives to replace the 2TB drives that were in it before, which was running out of space), and copied the media back over, I set out to get NFS up and running again so I could use it to connect to from the ATV2. No dice. No matter what I've tried (so far), I've been unable to recreate the working NFS configuration. I can connect via NFS from my Mac again, but there's just an incorrect setting somewhere that I can't identify.