atv2 unjailbroke itself - 5.0.2

I woke up today and on the 4th day of installation, my atv2 unjailbroke itself. it remained logged into itunes store, netflix and hulu+all jailbreak + atvbf icons - maintenance settings, XBMC etc. had disappeared.

it’s my first play with 5.0.2, i’ve been using 4.3 and 4.4.4. for almost 2 years now. Is there a stage i’m missing

i ran tav flash on it and it declares it unjailbroken. I’m inclined to believe it.

my 1st thought was that it updated itself, but reads as 5.0.2 - no updates available (i assume the host file has been modified).

a bit gutted as had installed XBMC beautifully from scratch and hadn’t got around to backing it up.

i’d really like to avoid a repeat performance.

update - it is still jailbroken, i can connect over usbmuxrelay. macfusion can browse folders over ssh and my xbmc preferences folder is still there. lost jailbroken icons over 3 reboots!!

is there a way to vnc using exposed over localhost?

i was planning on pimping a few for xmas pressies for non techy fmaily so can’t be having this sort behaviour.

my mistake i mean can i install atvflash over localhost?