ATV2 Tethered Boot Problems

I recently purchased a Tethered Bood ATV2 that had been jailbroken, then loaded with XBMC and apps etc.   I have been uable to get the machine to boot correct.  Seller has offered help or a refund (so that is good).

I was instructed on how to Tether Boot the device and all I get at the end is a graphic instructing me to connect a usb cable to itunes.

Here is my flow:

Windows Vista Premium PC

  1. Downloaded the latest version of SeasOnpass and unzipped; shortcut on desktop.
  2. Open SeasOnpass.   Create IPSW Icon is active, Tethered Boot Icon is inactive and can not be accessed.
  3. Connect aTV via USB cable only (no power).  aTV light flashes rapidly
  4. Right click Create IPSW and click on each software choice until I no longer get "this software is compatible with device" message.  Think it is 5.2.1
  5. Wait while SeasOnPass downloades software (about 30min) then creates IPSW, compresses files etc
  6. Click CANCEL, when prompted to connect aTV usb and power cable.  
  7. Clicked Tethered Boot
  8. Connected USB and Power Cable
  9. Flashing light on aTV
  10. Pressed and held menu/pause buttons for ~7 seconds, until aTV light stopped flashing
  11. Software recognized DFU mode
  12. Software uploaded files to the aTV
  13. Went into Boot mode
  14. Prompted to remove USB and connect HDMI


  • Switched my TV to PC input
  • ONLY graphic I get is an image directing me to connect a usb cable to iTunes.  NOTHING ELSE

I repeated this process 4 times.

What did I do wrong?

Is iTunes needed for the this process ?  If so, which version and at what point in the process do I open iTunes ?


Very frustrated !!!


Thanks in advance.




After step six, unplug ATV completly and shut down seasonpass. Then restart seasonpass and follow directions. i.e. plug in usb, click tether.


Also, you can use iFaith to see what blobs are saved and hopfully the guy/gal who jailbroke it saved them and it will give you an indication of what version is on your ATV. If you don’t see any then save them through seasonpass.


I’m pretty sure iTunes isn’t needed but the latest will suffice in any case. There may be some drivers installed that the ATV needs.