ATV2 Slow to access shares on NAS

Hi I have an apple tv 2 and have a qnap ts-509 and a qnap ts-412. the shares i have setup used to load in a few seconds 30 at most but i now have nearly 800 movies and on the TS4-12 setup the apple tv can take 5 minutes + to access my movie share?


Is this because of the amount of folders? the amount of files?

I have my share setup as follows:


DVDS>Movie Name>Movie

Most are .mp4 some are.vob

once im in i have no problems playing the files but it is really irritating wait for it to load and the problem seems to get worse the more files i add.

Is it worth splitting the movies in A,B,C folders so only 26 folders are present at the top level folder?

any help greatly appreciated.



I assume that the fact you are asking the question means you are using the folder view of your shares instead of the new library view?    My experience is that it helps a lot to sub-divide your media to keep the number of folders/files at any level down.   i split my own Movie library by letter.

Its not actually me i set it up for my mam and dad. so i get limited time to tinker with it. Thanks for that its something I may consider doing. I have used the library function but it groups my movies music and tv all together under the other section. I don’t know how to get the movies to sit under movies and sort by genre etc?

The search is pretty nifty though. They seem happy with that so far. Only problem is you need to know what you want to watch.

Browsing using the other folder under library loads quick but you then have 750 movies loads of tv series and 1000’s of movie tracks to route through.