ATV2 running 6.0.2 Jailbreak Success story (THETHERED JailBreak)

I am sure there are 100’s of such stories, but I have been reading this forum with so many posts from folks with failures, so thought I will post my success story. 


Prep Work ------------->


  1. Read the below articles, make notes and watch the video.



  1. I have a Win7 laptop which is rarely used, so very little junk software.

  2. Downloaded SeasonOnPass and unzipped to a folder on the desktop.

  3. Installed itunes from Apple and launched.

  4. Rebooted the laptop.

  5. Used a high quality microusb cable which was from a Blackberry phone. Don’t know if this matters, but I have seen posts about issues with length of this cable.

  6. Disconnected power and HDMI from ATV2.


JAILBREAK -------------> ONLY USE the USB cable, ATV2 and computer. 

  1. Launched SeasonOnPass and clicked on “Create IPSW”.

  2. When prompted, connect the ATV2 with a USB cable to computer. (NO POWER CORD).

     ----> I cancelled the process to backup the signatures as it didn’t work for my device or setup.

  1. When prompted, switch ATV2 to DFU mode (press MENU+Play). This was confusing, but I kept the buttons pressed until the computer recognized that the device was in DFU mode.

  2. Process took about 10-15min to display the success screen.

  3. Disconnect all cables, reboot computer and wait for 5min.

NOTES : Itunes never launched. Powercord should not be used for Jailbreak (Video and install screen show power cord is needed).


Teathered boot ------------->

  1. Launched SeasonOnPass and clicked on “Teathered boot”

  2. When prompted, connect ATV2 to computer with USB cable.

  3. Wait for computer to recognize ATV2 and then connect Power cable.

  4. When prompted, switch ATV2 into DFU mode. This was again confusing, but kept the buttons pressed until computer recognized.

  5. Success screen.  Now remove USB cable and connect HDMI cable. Confirm that Jailbreaking is complete.



After Jailbreak. Now what ?  ------------->

  1. Purchased aTV Flash and the install was super easy.

  2. Installed Infuse, but so far NOT liking the response as it takes too long to load pictures and videos don’t play properly.


Please post your after Jailbreak stories.   Thanks a lot.


Google Nito Installer, and FUSION and XFINITY for XBMC, and you should be all set. 

You’ve already done the hardest part! 

You obviously succeeded using SP 9.4 which, when it works, is nice because it completes the restore process without opening iTunes, and seems faster.

Others using or needing to use another version of Seasonpass should be sure to have the latest version of iTunes installed.

I have found 9.4 to be very buggy, so jailbreakers experiencing errors with that version should not feel defeated.

Kudos my friend, your step by step process - without the power cord, worked like a charm!! I can’t thank you enough for posting this. I was able to roll my ATV2 back down to 5.3 and it’s happily JB once again. I can deal with a thetered reboot :) 

You waited 5 mins for what?

Recall that there was a mention to disconnect all cables and wait before proceeding.  Don’t think there was a mention of time.

PS: This is my story and I waited for 5min. 


NIKE 445:

Thank you for this post! I stumbled accross it when learning about jailbreaking the ATV2.  Followed your steps and my ATV2 is now jailbroken!  Thanks again! (no need for itunes during jailbreak)


One hiccup that I ran into was that soon after jailbreaking my ATV2. when I had finished setting up the ATV; as I was browsing through the ATV tiles, the software update box popped up as I was clicking to enter youtube.  It went into software update mode.  I had to disconnect and start all over again.  Didnt take long though to get back to jailbroken status.

I decided to support firecore by purchasing aTV Flash (black).  Install couldnt have been easier! Thanks Firecore!

Thanks MaxieWagner for the infinity and fusion information.  Googled them both and used fusion to install some xbmc add-ons!  pretty slick!

Is this an untethered jb




I have moved this to the UN-TETHERED JailBreak about 12hrs back and it was pretty smooth and completely remote. So far the device is behaving fine and usual buffering issues (same as before).


ATVFLASH(BLACK) was really helpful and would certainly recommend that.