atv2 running 5.01

i have a atv2 with software version 5.0.1(4224) i am having trouble jailbreaking with season pass   it goes through the motions and says successful ipsw at the end. then it says in itunes if u are having problem with ur atv  click restore. should i restore it to the latest version which i dont know what version is the latest? 

any advise will be appreciated.

I would unplug it from the computer and connect to the tv to see what you have

alot of people are having problems if you have itunes 11. If seasonspass has made an ipsw file you can load it from itunes by using the shift key then finding the seasonpass .ipsw

i am running 5.0.1   i tried using season pass 7 times no luck  . anything else i can try. thanks