ATV2 - Rollback to 4.4.4 from 5.0(4099) with 4.4.4 previous restore file?

Hi there.

Have to admit - I was stupid to restore to default with iTunes after 7th of March… Now seasonPass won’t break it.

I managed to jaillBreak the ATV2 Before the Great update and I still have the SeasonPass’s created restore image for v4.4.4 of my Device.

some Signature and Blobs are mine devices?


iTunes won’t restore it though (Shit+restore), but is there any way for me to restore the image I have back.

The ATV2 has now v5.0(4099) image.

Use IFaith: As long as you have the blobs just follow the prompts. I did mine without a problem.


in iFaith1.4.2 there are 4 selections: Build Signed IPSW w/blobs / Dump SHSH Blobs / Show available … / Use DFU Pwner (iREB)…

Can you give some more info on how to proceed. The file I have is “AppleTV2,1_4.4.4_9A406a_SP_Restore.ipsw” 404MB.


Use DFU Pwner told to launch iTunes and restore, but iTunes is the error 319xx like before…

My apologies. I re read and if you do not have the blobs saved you can not go back.

so… I have to wait fore.g. SeasonPass to jailbreak the 5.0.4099…


If I buy a New ATV2 that has 4.3, 1st thing is to

  • Dump SHSH Blobs?

-Create backup of the image 4.3.


Then I’m safe to test anything?

Yes you will have to wait. Thats what I did was save the blobs then loaded 5.1  tried it out then I was able to go back with Ifaith.


Here is a tutorial I found:

sorry double post

Thank you Very Very Much for clearing this issue! Now I Know. :slight_smile:

Hi, I am aware you need SHSH blobs that I didn’t save so here is my question - What is in those blobs that make it unique? In other words, could you put the blobs in that someone else saved and use them in anyway?


Cheers Jeff


I think SHSH Blobs are (gotto be) calucalted based on you device UID (serial number). There is no mathematical way to extract / change the uid on the signatures…

This still got me thinking… with firmware 4.4.4 I still have seas0npass’s created & download two “image” files when it was ok to jailbreak… . aren’t one of those ready to be deployed into MY ATV2 again? I created the files from my ATV2 device…


it’s the iTunes that is trying to validate the image given to it… and fails?

Cutting the net from iTunes does not fly…


EDIT: Nevermind… JB for 5.0 is soon here…