ATV2 reboots all the time

Hi All,

I jailbroke my ATV2 6 months ago (mid 2013) with Seasonpass, and it has work flawlessly. However starting this week (February 2014) my ATV2 ‘decided’ to reboot itself every 10 or 15 minutes - that is it exits whatever program I am in (Youtube, Netflix, etc.) and returns to the home screen. This is a real pain.

I successfully completed tethered reboot with Seasonpass but that did not help.

According to my ATV2 I am running Apple TV Software 5.3 (6105).

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks.



I think I found the problem. I was trying to install a program from NitoTV and it said the memory on my ATV2 was full. I cleared the cache using Filezilla and this easy to follow video:

Problem solved? I will update this post in a day or two and let you know. Thanks

OK, 1 day later and no problems with the ATV2. Solution found: clear the cache