ATV2 Rebooting Issue


well in the spirit of helpfulness (and apologies for the thread derail) i’ll continue to try and help.


At my best guess, it’s definitely got to do with the SMB idle issue, and seems to be a problem with Media Player itself (one deep enough that it causes an identical issue in XBMC, i’m thinking due to shared resources?). Your options right now are a bit limited to be honest, you could try setting up an AFP share instead of SMB (if you’re a mac user), else you’re S.O.L until firecore nail down the problem and fix it themselves.

im on a mac so its already setup as AFP, i also have a smb share setup on a linux box do you want me to try that and see if it does the same???

+1 on SMB idle issue.  Don’t have XBMC installed.  I’m streaming from a FreeNAS box and having trouble getting my AFP share to work (different issue).  Would be great to see this get fixed.


Didn’t work for me! XBMC Will NOT Load… reboots ATV2


same problem here (idle SMB reboot) with BOTH Media Player and XBMC. I don’t even have to play a file. If I just let the system sit idle and then try to browse any SMB folder, it’s reboot guaranteed.


No news on a fix or a work around?

well, did 5 min. extra research and it looks like the workaround is simply to uninstall Media Player or XBMC:


Sorry guys, but for me it’s Media Player that will have to go. Still hoping for a fix though. 

I ended up solving the problem by getting a Synology NAS and sharing out via AFP.  Sure, an expensive solution…but the NAS is great.