ATV2 Rebooting Issue

Hi guys, so I purchased Firecore for my ATV2 to try it out as an XBMC replacement.
My ATV2 is running version 4.4.4 of the iOS.

My issue is that the atv will reboot by itself sparatically. It seems like it does it when I’m using Media Player. I’ll watch a TV show, when it’s over I’ll click on the next episode to watch and the whole atv will reboot… But not every time.
Other times if I’m in Media Player and I back out to the main menu to do something else, when I go back to media player and click My Files it will reboot…

Is this a known issue? Any fixes? It’s really getting annoying…


Edit: in the second scenario it doesn’t reboot when I click My Files, it reboots when I click on which share I want to go to… But not everytime.

mine doesnt rebbot the atv2 just reloads the gui so ou have to start again. is yours doing the same or is it apple logo on reboot


Yeah sorry, I guess it doesn’t actually reboot… It just reloads the GUI.

happens very frequently to me too.

So is there any fixes that anyone knows of?

Can you try updating to the new 1.2 version to see if this cures your issue?

If after updating you’re still seeing this issue please send in a bug report and we can track down what’s going on.

I’ve upgraded… So far I haven’t experienced the issue.
If it happens again I’ll post in this thread.

Thanks for your help.

mine still does it will raise a bug report


Mine after the 1.2 update
I can’t use XBMC anymore
It will crash after 5 seconds
And goes to main page
What is wrong?
I don’t think it reboots
Because I don’t see the apple logo

I’m getting the same issue, at a guess (haven’t looked at the debug logs yet) I’d say its something timing out. Best way to reproduce the error for me has been to watch a show, let it finish, leave media player as is (browsing my files) for a little while then try and play something else. As soon as I click play, atv quits to the main menu.

Running 4.4.3 and atvflash 1.2 with media player updated to latest version. Will poke around in the debug logs later and see if I find anything

I believe that I found the source of my problem
There is an update for addon movieDB (movie info) xbmc
When Xbmc tries to update
It crash and goes to main menu
Some times it keeps crashing after 5 sec I start xbmc
The way I can bypass is unplug my Internet wire
Start xbmc then plug back the Internet
I don t know how to fix this
But I am sure something is not correct on this update
Because it crashes it if I manually update it

Hi there, I have the same issue and can work around it the same way highlander has.

Is there a fix for this yet? I thought maybe it was a atv2 flash black problem so I re-jailbroke my appletv with seasonspass, installed Nitotv using ssh through terminal and then installed XBMC without using Flash Black. Same issue, XBMC runs for about 3sec and then i get kicked out to the main menu. Anyone figure out a fix for this yet. Not sure why it’s not doing it to other appletv’s that I’ve jailbroken. Just my own.

step 1. turn on your apple tv 2 as usual

step 2 - before you click on xbmc, please go power off or pull the plug on your wireless router so there won’t be an internet connection.

step 3. on your apple tv, click on xbmc

step 4 - go to video --> video add-ons

step 5 - go to the end of the list and select “get more”

step 6 - highlight and select Free Cable and on the next box that appears, please Uninstall add-on

step 7 - highlight and select Icefilms add-on and on the next box, please uninstall Icefilms add-on

step 8 - turn on your wireless router again… give it a few minutes for all the lights to come on again.

step 9 - go back to your apple tv 2 and exit xbmc to the apple tv menu and try and go back into xbmc again.

step 10. XBMC stable

but I went and enabled Free Cable after this and I actually saw movie.db being updated…no crashes on xbmc anymore but the list of all the video-add-ons have now dissapeared. Just a blank screen but no more xbmc crashing. So if I wanted to reinstall icefilms, I am unsure how I am going to do this since it isn’t showing up with the rest of the add-ons when I select “get More”

Ahhhh i am having the same problem and have tried everything i can think off to correct.

I have taken the aptv2 back to factory settings.  I am on version 4.4.4 and have used atv black 1.2to jailbreak.

I have then installed xmbc and when i add any repo it crashes and by this i mean it trys to launch, fails and goes back to the main apple tv page.

Please help - is this a known issue, am i doing something wrong?

Pretty frustrated because all was perfect last week.



I found a possible workaround in the XBMC forums. They are saying it has to do with the MovieDB crashing XBMC. A user on that forum posted a temporary fix listed below.


yeah its the db update issue…
here is how i resolved it for now…
disable auto updates on your appletv2


either press the left or right button on your remote and small menu pop-us…you will see Auto Update there, make sure its not lit blue

for the time being, it seems that its safe to do any other update that is not related to “db”

So, after much puzzling over debug logs, plenty of messing around with windows permission settings and much hair pulling and google-fu, i found the solution to what is becoming a fairly common problem - FIRECORE MEDIA PLAYER.


Suffice to say, i prioritize XBMC over FMP, so i haven’t really explored trying to fix the media player as yet, but i’ll detail how i got a stable, brilliantly working xbmc (FINALLY.)


Step 2: Make sure apple updates are disabled (either via NitoTV or hosts file edit)

Step 3: Completely optional, but great for performance, disable all the pointless shit from xbmc (rss ticker, vertical blank sync in menus, overly flashy skins etc).

Step 4: Profit.

How did this thread get so far off topic from my original post?


Its a related issue (samba idle causing the crash). Only thing is, i don’t know how to fix it for media player. Try uninstalling xbmc, the conflict could work both ways.


EDIT: However, you’re right in that a lot of the stuff on this page is completely unrelated add-on ■■■■■■■■ (icefilms etc).

i don’t have XBMC installed so that doesn’t fix my issue