ATV2 out of space on disk0s1s1

I just recently JB’d my ATV2 using the latest version of Seas0nPass with firmware 4.4.


I went to install XMBC and I get the error that the device is out of memory.  I’ve looked around various forums and most posts/answers tell how to clear out the cache for downloaded movies/rentals,  however that partition/mount is not the one that is full for me.   Here is the output for “df -k -h”

Apple-TV:/ root# df -k -h
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/disk0s1s1        614M  544M   64M  90% /
devfs                  26K   26K     0 100% /dev
/dev/disk0s1s2        6.9G   77M  6.8G   2% /private/var

Any suggestions either on

  1. what is taking up so much space (544M), and how it can be cleaned/deleted?

  2. any way to install XMBC under private/var?




Found a solution/workaround – move stuff from disk0s1s1 (/) to disk0s1s2 (/private/var)

I followed example in this post and that cleared up enough space to allow the install to work


I know this is an old thread but i found it through google search. Unfortunately i’m struggling with space on /dev/disk0s1s1 which makes it practically useless to have Kodi on there. I tried to find the thread you linked about moving the content but naturally it was deleted. Taking a shot in the dark here that you might see this and can help me out in how you were able to move the content.