ATV2 OS 5 Top Row

Hi All,


Just wondering how you edit the ATV2 to re order things into the top row on OS 5.


I noticed the media FireCore app does it. I would like to do it to PLEX.

Media is currently the only 3rd party item that can appear in the top row, and unfortunately there is no way to manually allow other items to appear there at this time. Sorry.

I’m intrigued to know how it was done, as I’ve been trying to add support for this to another ATV app.

Would FireCore be willing to share details on how it was achieved for other ATV developers/projects? Or is the hack a ‘trade secret’…?

It’s not something we’ll be disclosing at this point (reason being is that with the current method there are a few potential issues if multiple items are vying for a single spot in the top row).

However, we’re planning an open API that will be included in a future ‘Beigelist’ update, and when available will have capacity for multiple top row items.