ATV2 open XBMC command line (AirControl???)

I have been searching the web for a way to launch XBMC through SSH in iOS 5.x.  Most people are advising that it is not possible because of the way the menu system is used or designed.  However, when I use the AirControl remote, there is a dedicated Netflix and Settings buttons which launch the app and menu respectively.  So, is there a way to launch XBMC through ssh using the same technique that AirControl uses to launch Netflix?



Hi Tom,


Launching via SSH would also be very helpful for my setup. I use XBMC for music and would not like to turn on my TV just to start XBMC. Also just to leave XBMC on will keep the CPU on 100% (I have been playing around with Eden, Dirty Region settings though). The solution would be greatly appreciated.


So +1 for Tom.