ATV2 on 5.0 - can it still be untethered?

Hi all, and thanks in advance (new user - can’t wait to actually join the jailbreak partay!).

Long story short, a few days ago I went to a pawn shop that had a KILLER deal on an ATV2 (didn’t come with a power cord; associates didn’t know if it worked but “guaranteed” everything so if it didn’t, I could return it no problems).  I happen to have a cord so I bought it.  


Here’s the good part.  I plug it into my computer and itunes says “found ATV in DFU mode”.  So I wasn’t sure what firmware it was on.  I DIDN’T restore - I just unplugged it and plugged it into my TV.  Went through the menu selection and found that it is actually only on FW 5.0 (was not currently jailbroken and since  Ibought used from a pawn shop, I don’t know if it ever was jailbroken).  As such, is there currently any way to get an UNTETHERED jailbreak for it?  I’m assuming no since 5.0 is probably no longer being signed by apple but I thought I’d ask.


It’s not my first rodeo jailbreaking iDevices (however, it will be my first time with an ATV), if I go the untethered route, will I be able to unplug it from my computer? And as long as it stays plugged in at my TV I should be fine (even if it goes to sleep)?  As I understand it, the ATV2 doesn’t need to be plugged in to anything during the jailbreak (aside from the computer).


Thanks again.



5.0 (what you have) is tethered, so it will have to be always plugged into a power source. If you lose power you have to re-tether it.

At the moment you will not be able to get an untethered jailbreak for it… unless somehow the previous owner saved blobs for it. Use iFaith to check if any have been saved, See to find out what is tethered and untethered. If you do have signatures saved that are untethered you can go to those too. Untethered give you the option of unlugging and plugging in again without re-tethering.

5.0 can be jailbroken still, just use the latest seasonpass to save the signatures first then jailbreak. If you want you can just update to 5.3, it’s tethered too but you’ll get the most resent firmware.

I was hoping that 5.0 would be untethered if I used iFaith to save the shsh blobs then restored to 5.0.  On my TV everything is working, but when I plug it into my computer, iTunes says “Found an ATV in dfu mode”.  I opened seas0n pass 0.9.3 (mac), atv2 plugged in, went to help >“Save shsh signatures” then seas0n pass would “quit unepectedly”.  I’ll use iFaith to check if anything’s saved already, though.  Will report back later.

There is nothing you can do to ever get version 5.0 to be jailbroken untethered, one does not exist. As far as getting your atv out of DFU mode you can unplug it from power or use tinyumbrella, which has that ability.