aTV2 Now at 4.4.4, should I upgrade to 5.0.2

Running Firecore 2.0… My setup works fine. Should I upgrade or not?

If the answer is “Yes”, can someone explain how to perform it to make sure I don’t “brick” my aTV2?




I want to know too.

It is not mentioned in knowledge base.

Anyone can help, please?

If you’re wanting to upgrade simply download the latest version of seas0npass and click Create IPSW. It will download the latest iOS version, jailbreak it and will restore it through iTunes.


Note that as long as your SHSH blobs are backed up for 4.4.4 you can downgrade but if not you cannot downgrade.

Dumb question but can I still upgrade to 5.0.2 at this point?  I’m on 4 something and simply forgot about it as I only use the ATV2 as a Plex box.  Was thinking of upgrading and upgrading the ATV Flash program as well.  Read about Apple not signing but assume that’s only if I want to return to 4…correct?