ATV2 not jailbreackable.

Hi ,I own an apple tv 2 gen.I recently update the box with itunes to version 6.1(6698.99.16)

i have my old blob which i saved in ifaith with version 4.4.2.

I have tryed to jailbreack with the latest version of seas0npass,that is what i did:

I start seasonpass,and i connect the micro usb to my apple tv but still with no luck.

Then i plug also my ac cord and i put the atv2 in dfu mode so, seas0n strat with the process ,of patching the filesystem.

after i got this error


Proced failed with reason:filestystem patches failed


what im doing wrong.


With my old blob can i downgrade or there is a way around this?



Any help?

I'm curious why you upgraded to 6.1 first.  I would have backed up the blob and then tried the JB.


Anyway, I would try downgrading the ATV2 to 5.3 using seas0npass.  Once at 5.3, you can JB it easier.



hi there yes i did,i have the original blob 4.4.4.   can i still downgrade from 6.1 to 5?

i will try to downgrade to 5.3 i will keep you posted