atv2 no audio

Would love to have some input/feedback from the community here…

Have spent the better part of the past week trying to jailbreak my ATV2 (5.2.1) with Seas0nPass.

WIth a lot of quirks, oddities, SP crashes, etc, I have successfully jb’d twice now - tethered - no blobs for me :frowning:

Both times, I lose ALL AUDIO output.

I have tinkered with every setting, changed cables, used different Macs, done full Apple restores, re-jailbroken, re-downloaded all software, and scoured the internet trying to find someone else who has had this issue.

I have tried optical, different HDMI cables, changed all the settings on my amp.

No go.

Has anyone else had this problem?

It’s so unusual not to find someone else who has had the same issue.



unplug it and plug it back in… that fixed mine.