aTV2 - Media player - streaming through Time Capsule

Hi! Help needed.

Installed aTV2(black) all good on Mac Book Pro (Lion).

Trying to access Mac Book via time capsule share is connected and confirmed in my files.

Access “data” file ok then it hangs when trying to access Mac Book…continues loading and eventually states that ‘device is low on memory’

No idea what it means by ‘device’ - think am doing the right thing!

Are there other settings I should be changing etc?

Am lost! May have to buy a NAS if this doesn’t work, but thought I could access Media on my Mac through time capsule??

Appreciate any help out there!

Ta :slight_smile:


sometimes it happens to me. Not on that exact moment, but restarting your atv should fix it

Do you have any other 3rd party software (installed via nitoTV) running on your Apple TV?

Things like “MainMenuWeather” or “MainMenuSlideshow” have been known to cause memory issues on the Apple TV.