ATV2 Media Player not sorting files correctly

Im runnning ATV2 Firecore 1.5 with latest Media Player version. When I browse my movies/TV Shows etc they are not sorted correctly alphabetically. Some movies that starts with a T are shown under B. 

I have configured the MediaPlayer to show files in alphabetical order. Can somebody explain to me why the sorting is somewhat off? Is this a known error or??


Leading words such as The, A, An are ignored for sorting purposes. Is this by any chance what you are seeing?

Could be…But then whats the point in sorting it alphabetically??

E.g. “The Lord Of The Rings” will be shown under L and “The Beaver” will be show under B

Correct. That is what I get.

As to the point - I guess you need to see if FireCore have a rationale!

I know of other software that ignores such words during sorting so it is not that unusual.

Thanks for your feedback/info on the subject…appreciate it  :slight_smile: