ATV2 locked up trying to watch a movie; now it won't reboot

First major problem I’ve ever had with my ATV2 since jailbreaking it and installing ATV Flash, but tonight I went to put on a movie for my family via Media Player. It was the most recent film I had added to our Library (not sure if that means anything or not), but the metadata had all be retrieved. I clicked the “PLAY” icon, and then the screen went black. The ATV was completely unresponsive. I never even saw the spinning “Loading” icon.

I decided to reboot it by pulling the plug for a little while. When I powered it back up again, it got through the Apple icon, then went back to a black screen. No menu…nothing. I’ve tried this several times and it’s all been the same. I did try to force some media to it by activating AirPlay from iTunes on my desktop machine, which actually allowed some intermittent audio to play, but then the device went into an endless reboot cycle.

Any thoughts here? I can try to start over again with a restore/re-jailbreak, but the most recent version of ATV Flash I have downloaded is 1.6…will that work?

Thanks in advance.

Hmm, which Apple TV version are you running?

A bug report may help in tracking down what’s going on.