ATV2 Keeps restarting

I have a jailbroken atv2 5.0.2 (4250) and it has been ok for ages but recently it keeps restarting the screen will go black and the get the spinning wheel and then it goes back to normal, I have upfate be gone and all that, is anyone else getting this ?


Same here. But it seems to be mainly when playing music (through Airplay, from iTunes match or from “Computers”) It hardly resets when playing video.

That is the same for me it does it mostly when playing music, I have tried a number of things to sort this but no joy

Yup, exactly the same problem here.  

I’m having the same problem.   Been having it for months and pulling my hair out.   I’ve kind of assumed it was a jailbreak issue and just having had the time to deal with it due to moving.   For now I’m going to have to go back to unjailbroken because I need it working for music.

your issues may be related to this topic:


There are ongoing issues about:

  • “low memory” messages following by reboot while watching films and TV shows

  • reboots while playing music (computer and airplay)


We are all waiting for an update by FireCore … 

the same problem here

I tried many many things, including 3 different routers and settings and keeps restarting when streaming content from my iMac

Please fix it

Have you applied the recent maintenance Update that is meant to fix a number of issues in this area? If you have then you should submit a ug report as it is probably a different issue.

Is there any text in the /var/log/syslog file that could help pin point the issue?


I do think reliability needs to be addressed before adding new features. I have a lot of mystery reboots but I can’t figure out what causes them.


I have no idea.

I think a lot of people simply report problems here without sending in diagnostic information.  The process for reporting a bug is detailed in this post