ATV2 keeps randomly crashing - requiring restore, re-jailbreak and re-install

Hi there,

I recently updated ATV2 with flash 1.5.  It seems to be working fine until it randomly crashes. The ATV appears to be repeatedly reboot for about a minute before rebooting again.  It will do this until I reset it - at which point I get the infamous iTunes logo with a usb. This whole process appears to also happen if the power is disconnected from the ATV even only for a short time.   This requires me to restore, re-jailbreak and re-install Flash (black).  I’ve done this once a day for the last four days and it’s getting a bit tired.  

Any thoughts on how to remedy this?  

I also get random crashes/freezes. Everything is fine for a few days after a restore then out of nowhere everything freezes. I can’t even restart, I have to unplug the atv2 but when it starts back up it freezes with “top movies” selected and I can’t navigate anywhere else. This has happened within XBMC and within Mediaplayer. I wonder if it has something to do with sleep or screen saver since it usually occurs after it’s been sitting without use for a while.

If you’re able to send in a bug report we can look into what’s going on.

I got exactly the same problem and getting VERY tired of performing tethered boots. I could send in the bug report but how where do I get it from? When it freezes, I just get the iTunes logo and start over, so no bug report seem to be made.

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I also have the exact same issue with the random rebooting and having to boot with seas0npass to get it back up


Hoping will be fixed soon

I updated my two ATV2’s and there was no problem until they were unplugged. After reconnecting both units are rebooting every minute. both are at 4.4.4 untethered. I do not want to upgrade to 5.0 as it’s tethered.

Totally frustrated!

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Latest,  I can get in via Cyberduck but rest just reboots from main NITO screen

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Same thing for me with aTV2 flash black 1.5. I’ve only had it crash with XBMC. 

Every time I retart or unplug I have to do re-tether as well. 


Super annoying since my computer is not in the same room as the TV and it’s a desktop!

I guess I will have to go back to apple’s software until this is fixed!

Exactly the same issue for me IOS 4.4.4, aTV Flash Black 1.5 untethered Unit crashed and now will not start, just keeps trying to start constantly Please help been like this for days  :frowning: Rasied a ticket request but no news or solution yet

Hi , iam from Germany , any body can help me  . i dont have icon (TV Shows ) between icons Movies and Musik … how can i get it please ? my Apple TV ios 5 . also i have Apple TV 3rd.

thanks .

Did you have that icon before the jailbreak?  Also have you set up your iTunes Id for the iTunes store?    I believe that the icon only appears in countries where Apple lets you rent TV shows via the iTunes store and I am not sure if that applies to Germany? 

Hi all i have resolved my issues,

I SSH to the ATV2 and ran the command apt-get install remove Beigelist, this allowed the ATV2 to boot, however missing the maintenance, overflow, xbmc menus.

I then ran the ATV Flash Black 1.5 software, this installed correctly and gave me back the maintenance menu, from this i installed XBMC

The issue came when i used the maintenance menu to install NitoTV when the ATV restarted is went into the boot loop again.

I then redid the above but have not installed Nito TV, i then ran the SSH command apt-get update and the ATV runs great, XBMC works with all my previous settings and plugins still installed, Media player functions great stream items (movies, photos etc) from my laptop on both ethernet and wireless



I never installed NITO, so that´s not the solution for me.

Neither I and still have reboot issues every day… even I teach  my wife (who doesn’t know too much about pc) how to tethered boot to solve the diary reboot issue when I am not at home  :)… Of course the ideal solution should be to FIX the damn problem!

i know this is an old post … and im new to this software ( i brought ATV Flash black two days ago) and was wondering if anybody has any update on this? because im having the same trouble here, my wife has a habit of turning everything off at the plug socket, so every time i switch ATV on i get the apple logo and I’m back to square one and have to re jailbreak etc etc … its boring and for $30 im most unhappy.

Ill be asking for my money back if i cant find a fix for this issue in the next few days

So if anybody could help would be great

Removing power should not undo the jailbreak.   You mention the Apple logo re-appearing - is that with the connect to iTunes symbol added or just the logo?      If it is just the logo that’s normal as the system starts up again which can take quite a few minutes to complete sometimes.

Note that if you are having to do a tethered boot that suggests you have not got the latest jailbreak (which is untethered).

thank you for the quick reply, its the apple logo ( it dont tell me to plug into iTunes ) and after that it hangs for a few minutes… only to load the standard factory setting. 

i will download the latest jailbreak software ( i thought i had but will give it another go ) and try again.

ill let you know who it goes after wards. 

once again thanks for replying so quickly.

I’ve done all you said and it works fine ! thank you so much for your help