ATV2 Infuse crashing to menu on most video files

This is a strange problem. More and more videos crash the ATV and it goes back to menu, just when I start them. These are episodes of TV series that previously haven't had any problem. I've had the problem before, but it went away after upgrading firmware, but now it's creeping back in.

Any way to diagnose and solve this issue?

Same here, but not with tv ep's, just most newly released movies.

It's very annoying.

I found out that remuxing .mkv's in mkvmerge fixes that problem, so it must be something in file encoding that crashes Infuse for ATV.

I've been experiencing this issue as well. I think it might be to do with DTS audio on recent movie releases. If you enable DTS audio in the Infuse settings, it will stop it from crashing but if your device doesn't support DTS you won't hear any audio. 

Firecore: please, fix it!

Same here! Only experienced it with two newly released movies in one week. Never had the problem before. I have DTS enabled in the Infuse Options…

Exact same here…if i disable dts in the options movie crashes back to menu, if i enable dts, then i dont get any sound on my tv which dosent support dts. on my home theter system with a dts decoder it works, but thats not good enough. what gives ?