ATV2 in 4.3 qieh SHSH saved. SeasonPass say i cannot restore into the same 4.3?


i had an AppleTv that was doing strange things so i decided to restore and jailbreak again. 

I have it on version 4.3 and i have the shsh saved with Tinyumbrella. 


When i trid to use the saved firm with SeasonPass (shift+click) it tells me to connect the Appletv and when i do that it says:

“This appletv is not eligible for this version.”

I have the tinyumbrella on and the TTS server on. 


I have been able to restore into 4.3 using the Itunes, and now i do not have the JB, so i cannot understand why the SeasonPass keep saying this. 


Am i missing something?

Any help will be great. 



Well, reading the log at seasonPass, it looks like it search for the SHSH on Cydia Server and i do not have the shsh there, i have them on my computer and i use tinyumbrella. 

So if i could change the host file to redirect cydia server into the i think it will work. 


Anyone know anything about this? 

I am the only one having this problem? 



I download again the SeasonPass file and also download again the firmware and now it is working. 


Not sure where the problem was, but it is fixed. :slight_smile:


Just in case somebody has the same problem.