ATV2 help.

I hope someone can help me. I tried to install Kodi on my AT2, which is jailbroken using Seas0npass. I was using XBMC no problems. My problem now is I get the Apple logo then a blank, screen like the Hdmi port isn’t working. The problem is my PC won’t recognise it either so I can’t re jailbreak or restore it. I can SSH into it and was wondering if I could fix it this way somehow? Anyone else had similar probs? I have tried using a different TV and hdmi lead but still no luck.

Ok I’ve managed to uninstall the old xbmc but when I try install kodi, I get

Setting up org.xbmc.kodi-atv2 (14.0-0) …
No matching processes were found

Still no pic after Apple logo and still can’t connect to PC to re jailbreak… Someone please help. Can I re install ios via ssh or force the ATV to update using ssh?? Or is it bricked?!

I am having the exact same problem! If you or anyone else have fixed this please post an idiots guide!!

I sorted it. I manages to restore. The problem was my micro USB connector n the rear if the ATV must be faulty. I had to hold the cable in place while it restored. Try a different cable also if that won’t work.

Thanks for the quick reply, just to be clear, you had to re-jailbreak and install xbmc/kodi ?

Yes mate, no issues you can still re jailbreak oddly enough