ATV2 hangs when quitting slideshow (after JB)

I’ve noticed that, after jailbreaking ATV 4.3 with seasonpass, there’s a bug in the slideshow function: I can start it, but whenever I try to quit it (press menu), the ATV just hangs: it shows a black screen (no signal sent to the tv), and the only option I have is rebooting it.
This happens also when trying to get back to the main menu from the screensaver.

If I restore the firmware the problem is gone, but if I jailbreak again the problem comes back too.

Is it only me or is this a known issue? I’ve searched throughout the forum, I’ve googled it, but found no solutions so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have the latest version of Maintenance installed?

Mmh I’m afraid I don’t (yet). Would it be helpful to fix this slideshow issue?

Yep. A fix for the slideshow issue was added a few versions back.


Thanks, problem fixed.