ATV2 gone blank.....

A friends ATV2 was working fine jailbroken at 5.0.2 untethered running xbmc 12.2 and one day he plugged it in and it shows the apple logo on bootup then at the part when it stops blinking and you’re supposed to get the spinner on screen as it loads is gone, the light goes solid and the screen goes black and the tv says no signal. I tried to find it on my network with Nito Installer and it doesn’t show. Tried iFaith, Tinyumbrella, etc., it doesn’t register on anything.

Anyone ever have this problem or have any ideas what’s wrong or how i can fix it? Thanx for any consideration.


I am having this same issue. Seemed to be working fine after Jailbreak and Firecore install and then just wouldn’t turn on at all.

Same here…  just keeps cycling through that sequence

same here 5.0.2 working fine, till yet. have anybody fixed this?