atv2 flash won't install

it says - oops the atv flash black installer cannot proceed

this is due to 1 of 2 things

  1. your not connected to the internet

2.this version of atv  flash black is out of date

I am connected to the internet,I have tried wifi & ethernet still get same result.

I was running the tethered season pass it was running beautiful,I jail broke with the

latest season pass that went fine-but i just can’t get past the atv2 flash black installer

any one had this problem,if so,could you please post the fix


kind regards-porkster…

Have you definately logged in and downloaded the latest (updated) version for 5.01/5.1.1? Sounds like you are running the version you already had installed?


I am running the same version-you are correct,I was under the impression that you can still use 1.5 with the new untethered version…